Magnegold™ is a product developed by a team of Hungarian physicians and scientists. This special formula can help prevent the formation of recurrent kidney stones as well as relieve the nausea and painful spasms that usually accompany the passage of the already formed renal gravel.

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It is commonly found in several preprations recommended for the treatment of kidney stones.

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Why is Magnegold useful?

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Goldenrod extract

Goldenrod (solidago virga urea) is a perennial flowering plant known for its medically beneficial properties. It is the active ingredient of several preparations recommended in the treatment of kidney stones. The Goldenrod extract expels water (diuretic effect), relieves spasm (antispasmodic effect), decreases inflammation (antiphlogistic effect), and acts as a painkiller (analgesic effect).

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Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is well known for the ablility to relieve nausea. It also supports the immune system, enhances the ability to concentrate, and facilitates the utilization of magnesium and other trace elements. Due to its effect on oxalate metabolism, it can also play a role in the prevention of kidney stone formation.

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Magnesium is an indispensable element in several metabolic processes of the body. As it facilitates the smooth muscle relaxation, it has antispasmodic properties. It also has a beneficial effect on cardiac function, blood pressure and neural function. It plays an important role in the prevention of kidney stones because it decreases the amount of calcium oxalate (which is the main component of one of the most common stones), thereby inhibiting the formation recurrent stones.

Magnegold capsules are a product developed by a team of Hungarians. It was designed for its components to help prevent the formation of kidney stones as well as relieve the nausea and spasm accompanying the passage of the already formed renal gravel. Goldenrod extract is well-known for its diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be found in several medicines and medicinal products recommended for the treatment of kidney stones. Besides relieving cramps, magnesium also inhibits the formation of calcium oxalate crystals in the urine. In addition, vitamin B6 relieves nausea and enhances the antispasmodic effect of magnesium. It also has a beneficial effect on oxalate metabolism. The recommended dose is 1 capsule a day. While taking the capsules, it is important to drink 2.5 liters of fluids a day, as rehydration is essential to compensate for the amount of fluid lost due to the diuretic effect of the capsules. In addition, rich fluid intake also reduces the risk of developing kidney stones.

Professional recommendation

dr. Szűcs MiklósI, as a urologist as well as a patient, have suffered from kidney stones and have had numerous episodes of pain due to kidney stones. It is a rather unpleasant procedure to have them removed or broken up into smaller pieces.

Magnesium and vitamin B6 can help prevent the formation of kidney stones when they are in the stage of microscopic crystals as they help reduce the amount of calcium oxalate . Due to its anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, goldenrod extract facilitates the passage of the tiny crystals from the kidneys before they canform a larger stone. It is also beneficial after lithotripsy as the small kidney stone particles to be able to pass without causing pain.

Magnegold capsules have already helped several patients of mine as well as me to be pain free while the tiny gravel was passing. Therefore, I am absolutely sure that their regular administration can spare a lot of unpleasant interventions both for my patients and myself.

What our customers said about Magnegold

I had two kidney stones on the left side and one on the right side. Each of them were 4 mm in size. I had an appointment for shock wave lithotripsy but my doctor told me to start taking one Magnegold tablet a day before the intervention. Yesterday, when I went for the lithotripsy, the ultrasound only showed the presence of tiny bits; thus nothing had to be done. I will continue taking it and I keep trusting in it

client Zoltán

I consider Magnegold capsules to be an excellent product because I had been undergoing lithotripsy every 2 months, before I found this product on the internet. I have already taken 6 boxes of these capsules and I no longer suffer from kidney stones. Yet, I ordered them again for the sake of prevention. Thank you for this miracle cure.

client Tóth Julianna

In my opinion, the development of Magnegold capsules meets a widespread demand that has long been present among people suffering from kidney stones. Thank you to all those that have actively participated in the development of this invaluable preparation. Yours faithfully, Márta Kerekes

client Kerekes Márta

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One tablet of Magnegold contains:
Goldenrod extract 300 mg
Magnesium 100 mg
Vitamin B6 5 mg

The quality and amount of the ingredients is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Recommended daily dose: 1 tablet of Magnegold, with water. Increase your daily fluid intake to 2-2.5 liters.
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Triple pack at a promotional price:

8.615 HUF/3 boxes

Order of individual amounts:

3.205 HUF/box


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